Kitting out your salon with all the latest salon furniture and equipment doesn’t necessarily mean you end up with an attractive space in which to welcome new clients. You may just end up with an empty bank balance and a cluttered room of badly arranged furniture.

How to choose salon furniture

Prioritise comfort
Unlike equipment, where functionality and efficiency are the most important factors to bear in mind, salon furniture must be all about comfort. Aesthetics do come into it, but only after ensuring that clients will be fully satisfied with your salon chairs and waiting benches.

Take measurements and assess scale
Another important part of choosing salon furniture is to ensure that it will fit into your salon space comfortably, and that items are in proportion to each other.

Arranging your furniture

Overcoming challenges
If your salon is an unusual shape, is too small or too cavernous, you may have trouble fitting everything in whilst still maintaining a sense of space. You must place your furniture as to overcome your salon’s particular problem, making use of colour, symmetry, tricks of the eye and space-efficient storage solutions.