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Salon décor colour trends for the upcoming A/W season

With the start of every new season comes new trends and fresh new looks for the hippest salons to embrace. As most salon owners know, the starting point for any interior design scheme is colour. The following are a couple of on-trend colour ideas from some of the best in the business.

Warm, rich and autumnal

Shun Sagesaka, the chief designer at Takara Belmont, recommends embracing rich, warming colours that speak of luxury and pampering. These include deep reds, greens, beiges and rich browns, all complemented with subtle, warm lighting and natural materials. Sagesaka says:

“Autumnal tones create a relaxing mood, which is perfect for offering luxury services and treatments while ensuring your clients unwind and escape from the everyday pressures of life. This is complemented with salon furniture in tonal colours that provide home-from-home comfort.”

Cool and classic

Michael Roach, the sales director at REM, takes a different approach. Believing that salon owners want value for money and a longer shelf life from their salon décor, he says:

“There is a lot of use of cool silvers and greys, ensuring that salons won’t date and will be resilient in high-traffic areas.”

Remember though: putting the look of a salon together is not just about what’s hot right now, but finding a classically cool style that will stay relevant and up-to-date for some time to come. Indulge too much in the latest crazy fad, and you’ll find yourself with huge decorating bills once clients get sick of your salon’s style.

Unleash your creativity with super styling chairs

There’s no doubting the fact that the decor which you choose for your hair salon can have a major impact on its success and reputation, although it’s not all about looks, and you do need to ensure that the furniture in your salon is fit for purpose.

Salon furniture can make all the difference between your top stylists creating so-so or stunning styles, and it goes without saying that you will want them to conjure up the latter.

If the furniture in your salon has seen far better days, and is beginning to feel like an embarrassment rather than an asset, it’s time to start looking for replacements.

Salon chairs are arguably some of the most important items of furniture in your establishment, as they should not only provide clients with a comfortable place to sit, but also be flexible enough to allow your stylists to effortlessly work their magic.

You can’t afford to compromise quality when it comes to investing in new salon chairs, and even if you’re currently on a cost-cutting exercise, sacrificing quality in the hope of saving a few extra pennies is never a wise idea.

Don’t let your salon chairs let you down, and let your stylists reach their full potential.

Make a fantastic first impression on your clients

When designing a hair salon, many owners put a great deal of energy and effort into their salon furniture, yet fail to ensure that clients are greeted with a cosy and attractive reception area.

Whilst the importance of comfortable and functional salon furniture can’t be overlooked, in order to provide clients with the ultimate salon experience, even the seemingly smaller details can’t be overlooked.

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a thriving business, and regularly find that every space in your appointment diary is full, there will be times when appointments may overrun, and in these circumstances it’s vital to ensure that your clients have a comfortable area in which to wait.

An attractive reception desk manned by a friendly face should be the first thing which clients are greeted with when they step inside your salon, and with so many beautiful yet functional styles available at the moment, you can easy find a desk which slots in seamlessly with your decor.

Comfy seats and sofas, small tables filled with up to date magazines, newspapers and mints, and a radio softly playing the latest chart hits should complete the area.

Think about their needs BEFORE they take to the stylist’s chair, and you are well on the way to a very happy client base.

Don’t create a cramped salon

With many people on an extremely tight budget nowadays, a trip to the hair salon is one of the life’s little luxuries.

Whilst it might be easy for your clients to pick up hair dyes and hair styling accessories on just about any High Street, nothing beats the professional touch, and in such tough economic times, you need to make sure that all of your clients- old and new- are getting much more for their money.

It’s understandably easy to get caught up in competing with all of the other salons in your locality, and trying to squeeze as many clients into your diary as possible- although if this means that service levels suffer, it won’t be long before you start to see the many negative effects.

In addition to too many people making your salon cramped, unsuitable furniture can also make it feel extremely uncomfortable. It might be tempting to hold on to that bulky old furniture in a bid to save costs, although doing so could do more harm than good.

You need to ensure that your salon furniture is sleek yet fully functional, and doesn’t hinder your ability to create stunning styles.

If your salon has a waiting area, you also need to make sure that this provides clients with adequate space in which to relax- away from the hustle and bustle of the main styling area.

Don’t succumb to the temptations which could result in a cramped salon- put your client’s comfort first.

Things to consider when choosing the perfect pedicure chair

For many people, pedicures are the finishing touch in their personal grooming routine, and if you want your nail salon to enjoy a reputation as the best place for pedicures, there are a few things which you need to pay a little care and attention to.

It goes without saying that your nail salon needs to provide customers with the most serene environment possible, and the overall decor will play a huge part in this.

You also need to ensure that your salon furniture is up to scratch, as this will have a significant impact on your clients’ overall experience. It goes without saying that one of the most important pieces of furniture in your salon is your pedicure chair.

You need to ensure that any pedicure stations in your salon offer functionality as well as comfort. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable stations on the market at the moment which effectively combine both- although make sure that you don’t compromise on quality at the first sign of a seemingly unbeatable price tag.

Pedicure stations with integrated massage functionality will help to ensure that you provide clients with an ultra soothing service.

Take your time in choosing the most perfect pedicure chairs for your needs and- most importantly- your client’s needs.

Designing the ultimate girly nail salon

With so many women leading such hectic lifestyles nowadays, a relaxing manicure or pedicure is the perfect way to wind down, and for many women, regular treatments are no longer a luxury, and are more than justified after a long week at work or looking after the kids.

For those who don’t have the time for regular treatments, manicures and pedicures are often saved for special occasions, so it goes without saying that they will expect an extremely high level of service.

Whether you’re just about to open up a new nail salon, or are giving existing premises a major makeover, one of your main aims should be to create the perfect atmosphere.

Although many nail salons are embracing a more futuristic look, the uber-feminine look will never fall out of fashion, and is very easy to achieve.

In order to create a gorgeously girly salon, decor in pastel shades of pink and peach, combined with crisp, clean white is always a fantastic choice and will look contemporary for a very long time to come.

Flowers- real or artificial- are also an effective yet affordable way of adding a feminine touch to your salon.

As modern salon furniture is available in neutral shades of black and white, you won’t need to worry about an almighty colour clash, and you can invest in the most stunningly stylish pieces out there.

Make your nail salon look perfectly pretty in pink and keep those customers coming through the doors.

Your beauty salon should be as beautiful as your clients

Every High Street up and down the country is now full to the brim with beauty salons, and in the current economic climate competition is the fiercest it’s ever been.

There are several factors which contribute to a successful salon, and if you want to keep your head above water in such tough times, you need to ensure that you pay attention to every last detail.

Beauty salons should provide a clean, serene and fully relaxed environment to clients, and just as your business is based on clients looking their very best, the look of your salon can make it a success story or just another statistic.

Updating the look of your salon on a regular basis will go a long way in keeping it looking amazing, and you don’t have to blow your entire budget, as giving walls a fresh lick of paint and investing in soothing pictures and paintings is actually really affordable these days.

Ensuring that your salon furniture looks immaculate at all times also needs to be addressed- after all, clients won’t have much faith in your ability to make them look amazing if your furniture looks soiled and shabby.

Make sure that your beauty salon flaunts that flawless finish, then get to work on giving clients the same super-high levels of care and attention.

Make sure your nail salon is up to scratch

Getting a manicure or an elegant set of acrylic nails is a great way for women to indulge themselves in a little pampering, and there’s nothing quite like settling down in that comfy salon chair and letting hands enjoy a little TLC.

New nail salons and nail technicians seem to be appearing with alarming regularity these days, so it goes without saying that you will want to ensure that you give your competitors more than a run for their money.

Whether you’re moving in to a new salon or are simply thinking of giving your new salon a mini-makeover, there are a few important factors which you need to consider in order to ensure that your salon is attractive and comfortable.

Obviously, one of the most important things which you need to consider is your salon furniture. Ensure that furniture is comfortable for clients and also comfortable for you to work with. Salon furniture should be spacious, but not so large that it makes your salon feel cramped.

Providing clients with a comfy waiting area with up to date magazines is always a must, and investing in a water cooler and hot drinks facilities can also help to your salon to stand its ground amongst fierce competition.

Take a look at every last aspect of your nail salon- however insignificant it may seem- and enjoy a thriving and loyal client base.

Capture clients’ attention with stunning product displays

Competition is rife in just about every industry nowadays- and the hairdressing industry is certainly no exception to this.

The task of getting those all important clients through the doors can be a tricky one, although offering attractive deals and really pushing the services of your salon with promotions can really help to get business booming.

Everyone loves that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ look, and it’s fair to say that the majority of your clients will be eager to recreate this look in the comfort of their own home. For this reason, it is absolute imperative that you give your clients easy access to the products which you have used to create their beautiful barnet.

Simply placing hair styling products behind the counter or along the walls certainly isn’t the best way of capturing clients’ attention, and is no way to maximise sales. Instead, you should opt for striking shelving which will really help your range of products stand out.

When choosing shelving units, ensure that they complement the decor of the salon and existing salon furniture, yet also create a stunning centrepiece which will help to drive client satisfaction and product sales through the roof.

Settling on a theme for your new salon: expert advice

Setting up a new salon can be a difficult process, especially if you’re an indecisive sort who can’t settle on a theme for your new salon. And without an overriding theme influencing the rest of your décor decisions; your salon could end up looking directionless and lacking in personality and identity.

It’s lucky, then, that Charlie Hearn from salon design company Signature has offered to some expert advice on choosing and constructing a theme for your salon. Speaking to HJi Hairdressers Journal, he said:

“Whatever theme you give your salon it should reflect your personality, attitude and philosophy, ensuring it is interpreted with conviction, otherwise it just becomes a pastiche.”

Hearn has also given some advice on how to achieve each of the following four specific themes, based on popular salon décor trends:

Classic, timeless salons – Stick to a neutral, relaxing and complementary colour scheme. You should consider adding accents of colour to salon furniture and artwork, as these can be easily updated to ‘refresh’ the look of your salon every year or two.

Boudoir-style salons – The key here is statement retro or vintage pieces, accompanied with intimate lighting and good use of space.

Minimalist – This contemporary style can be pulled off by varying the shades of white you use and by adding texture to walls and floors. Keep it clean and uncluttered, and update the look on occasion by moving furniture around.