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How to make the most of Valentine’s Day at your salon

Most successful business owners will know how to take a public event or holiday, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, and turn it into a great promotional opportunity. This is the case for most restaurants, bars, hotels and even hair and beauty salons. So, if you own or manage a salon, you should be doing this too.

Events such as Valentine’s Day can massively increase the popularity of your salon, as long as you market it just right. Try any of the following incentives and special offers:

• Running competitions i.e. win a day of pampering for two
• Offering special Valentine’s Day packages (i.e. a package including a manicure, massage and a glass of champagne)
• Introducing new ‘his ‘n’ hers’ deals to get couples through the door to get treatments or haircuts together
• Decorating the salon, both outside and in. It only takes a few inexpensive decorations, posters and additions to your normal salon furniture to make the space look ‘romantic’ enough for the occasion.

As long as you plan them in plenty of time (i.e. starting now), these marketing techniques should get more customers through the door and raise revenue for the salon.

Hoste Arms beauty spa opened by Anneka Rice

A new beauty spa has opened in the Hoste Arms hotel in Burnham Market, Norfolk. The official opening of the spa was attended by television personality Anneka Rice, who is a friend of the spa’s owner Jeanne Whittome.
Jeanne dedicated the opening of the new beauty spa to her late husband Paul, who sadly died of cancer in July 2010. Shortly before his death, Paul suggested to his wife that she throw herself into a new project, and this is how the new spa came into existence.

Amongst the invited guests at the opening was a close friend of Paul’s, Anneka Rice, who said:

“Paul would have been beyond proud. Jeanne has created an oasis and I think that’s a really lovely tribute to Paul.”

The spa is located in what was the office space of the Hoste Arms, which has now been transformed into a luxury beauty salon. As well as an open plan space complete with manicure tables and salon chairs, the spa also offers three treatment rooms. The largest of these, based in Paul’s former office, is now a group treatment room where couples and friends can lie side-by-side on massage chairs.

There are also plans to develop a Japanese garden complete with hot tub in the spa in the next few months.

Salon design inspiration: Frances Hunter Hair & Beauty in Sterling

At first glance, the most striking feature of the Frances Hunter Hair and Beauty salon in Sterling is its warm, welcoming glow. The rest of the salon follows suit, its inviting décor and cool, comfortable salon furniture beckoning customers inside.

The owners of the salon, siblings Gary and Leslie Hunter, took over the business from their mother Frances, hence its name. They decided they needed a larger premises, eventually settling on a Victorian mews in Sterling.

Approximately six months and £165,000 later, the space was transformed from an old undertakers premises to a contemporary yet friendly-looking hair and beauty salon. It was just as the owners had visualised, as co-owner Gary explains:

“The most important objective was maintaining the character of our family-run business while moving it into the next generation,”

The salon features natural-looking wood salon furniture, such as the cabinets and reception desk, all chosen in warm colours to complement the amber tones of the rest of the salon and its carefully-planned lighting scheme. Little touches like fresh flowers and delicately patterned salon chairs complete the look, which comes across as organic, smooth and extremely relaxing.

Popular Rawtenstall salon gets a makeover

The owner of a bustling hair salon in the Lancashire town of Rawtenstall is planning to give it a complete 21st century makeover.

The salon, called Antony and Patricia’s, has been open for more than 40 years, but owner Tony Winder, 64, thinks it’s now time for the hair and beauty business to benefit from a full revamp. After retiring from the stylist’s floor, Tony is taking the lead on the redesign project.

He is currently preparing a planning application to install a new shop front, as well as planning to rebrand the Bank Street business A&P. The salon’s décor is also likely to benefit from a refurbishment, complete with new salon equipment and furniture.

The remodelling of the salon will also allow the first and second floors of the building – which currently lie vacant – to be utilised as a self-employed stylists space and a nail bar respectively. This will allow the business and its associates to become a kind of ‘one-stop-shop’ for hair and beauty services in Lancashire.

Speaking of his ambitious project, Tony says:

“Along with the new look, which will see the main central door relocated and a separate entrance created to the first and second floors, we will also be rebranding the salon. We have already introduced the corporate identity and logo of A&P on to our popular web site; we will now be utilising it throughout the whole building.”

The use of wood and other natural materials in salon design

Most salons you encounter these days are designed in the minimalist style, with slick, shiny surfaces, neutral colour schemes and salon furniture in the most simple of shapes. This is perfectly suited to some markets and clientele, particularly in city centres, high streets and in business areas.

However, if you want to do something different with your salon, you should consider making use of natural materials to create the sense of a ‘well-being spa’ rather than simply a hair salon.

Complemented with earthy colour schemes, the right lighting and good use of plants and flower ornaments, wood and other natural materials can bring the outdoors in to create a supremely relaxing space for your clients. After all, a visit to the salon is designed to be relaxing, and these natural features can create a strong sense of peace and well-being within your clients.

Along with warm, welcoming wood flooring (ensuring that you get a stain and waterproof variety or finish), you can enhance the character of natural beauty within your salon with a few well-chosen pieces of salon furniture. Be careful not to go overboard with an abundance of wood, but a natural-looking reception desk and salon chairs can really make your salon stand out.

Cleethorpes beauty spa embraces fish pedicure trend

A beauty spa in Cleethorpes is to become one of the first in the area to offer the Turkish ‘fish pedicure’ that is starting to catch on in other parts of the country.

The Electric Beach salon – located on Grimsby Road – will soon offer the Garra Rufa (also known as ‘doctor fish’) pedicure to its clients. The treatment works by dipping the feet into a tank of garra rufa fish, which eat away any dead skin and leave the feet feeling silky smooth. It is also reportedly a way of boosting blood circulation and sense of well-being.

From their position on the Electric Beach’s salon chairs, customers will soon be able to experience this innovative treatment, which is complete within 15 minutes. The owner of the beauty spa, Bronia Sandwell, says:

“So far there has been a lot of interest from men and women in the area, so hopefully it will prove to be popular with a wide range of people.

“We were primarily a tanning salon, but I have lately turned to providing a range of holistic treatments and it is going very well.

“It is a little bit different, but hopefully that will attract people to the treatment.”

John Lewis plans to open beauty spa at Cheadle Royal store

The department store chain John Lewis has announced that it is to open a new beauty spa at its store in Cheadle Royal Shopping Centre.

The Cheadle Royal beauty spa will be opened as part of a refurbishment costing £17.5 million, so visitors can expect the spa to be furnished with the most luxurious salon furniture and high-tech salon equipment.

Once it opens either late this year or early in 2012, the beauty spa will offer treatments such as massages, manicures, pedicures, waxing, tanning and facials for both men and women.

Along with the Cheadle store, John Lewis is also planning to open a similar in-store beauty spa at its Reading branch. This is all part of the company’s £250 million investment programme for this year.

Speaking proudly of the department store chain’s new venture, John Lewis Cheadle’s managing director Margaret Jacques said:

“We hope the new spa will not only inspire and delight, but will also add to our customers’ shopping experience.

“The beauty spa is a whole new concept for John Lewis and we are thrilled to be one of the first John Lewis shops to showcase it.”

Make your salon stand out with a stylish waiting area

What is the first thing your customers will see when they walk through the front door of your salon? It is generally the reception and waiting area, and it is the appearance of this space that will form new customers opinion of the space.

There are a few essential elements to the perfect comfortable and stylish waiting area. These include:

• A reception desk
• Waiting benches, sofas or chairs
• Merchandise displays
• Magazines or something else to read
• A coffee table
• Facilities for making hot drinks

To ensure your waiting area makes a good impression on your new clients, try to make it both stylish and entertaining. Give clients things to look at, like nice artwork or the latest hair or celebrity gossip magazines, and something to drink whilst they wait for their appointment or for a friend to finish theirs. Make sure you choose comfortable and modern looking salon furniture.

Above all, make sure the waiting area is clean and tidy, as any imperfections will be noticed whilst clients have nothing to do but wait. An unkempt rug or a dirty coffee table will make it look as if you don’t care about your salon’s appearance.

How to make male clients feel welcome in your salon

Hair salons and beauty spas are often designed with the needs of female clients in mind, as they are feminine spaces dedicated to grooming and pampering.

Whilst it is good to make your target clientele feel comfortable and happy in the salon space, there’s a chance that you could be excluding another important clientele group – male clients.

Men often feel uncomfortable in female-focused salons, whether it’s due to what they see as fussy, feminine décor, girly chatter or the focus on appearances. Men’s attitudes towards grooming are changing, but they still would prefer a more masculine environment in which to have their hair cut or get a facial treatment.

By not accommodating the needs of male clients, you could be missing out on an important and growing market. Therefore, you need to do one of two things in your salon:

1. Transform your salon space into a unisex environment, using neutral colours and clean, simple lines. Ensure you have salon equipment and facilities for both women and men.

2. Create a dedicated ‘zone’ in your salon for male grooming. The essentials you will need to coax male clients through the door are an experienced (often male) stylist and a good barber’s chair.

Waterloo hair salon wins Liverpool Echo award

A hair salon in Waterloo, Merseyside, has proven an inspiration to small business owners everywhere after winning a hotly-fought competition in the Liverpool Echo newspaper.

The award is such as honour for the Jaz Hair Salon – found on Warrenhouse Road – as it was voted for by their customers and the readers of the newspaper. Members of the public nominated the salon for the Health and Beauty trader of the year award and then explained why they thought the Jaz Hair Salon was simply the best in the area.

Speaking to the Crosby Herald, the Echo’s sister newspaper, salon owner Kim Stevenson expressed her surprise and delight at winning the competition. She said:

“Not in a million years did we think that we would win.

“We are a small business and it was nice to achieve something so big.

“It made me realise that I want to expand.”

“The comments people made about us were amazing. I have been in business for six years and this was such an achievement that we had beat all the salons on Merseyside.”

The Jaz Hair Salon will hold the title for a year, after which time another small salon or spa will have the chance to impress their customers and win it.