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Are you ready to give your salon a spring makeover?

As it is approaching that time of year when people like to do a little ‘spring cleaning’ in their homes and even businesses, you may want to think about sprucing up your salon for the new, hopefully sunnier season.

Giving your salon a bit of a spring makeover needn’t cost the earth, however, as there are lots of cheap and easy things you can do to breathe some fresh air into your salon’s décor and overall appearance.

Follow these tips:

• Change your salon furniture and soft furnishings, such as cushions, lampshades and vases

• Don’t forget the small touches, like updating magazines and changing the flowers in reception

• If you offer refreshments why not add a couple of spring-inspired items to the menu? E.g. summer fruits herbal tea or a fruit-infused mineral water

• Restyle your staff in their ‘summer look’, encouraging them to wear the season’s latest trends in hair, clothes and accessories.

As to when you should start your salon’s spring makeover, take a hint from high street stores which change their window displays at certain times of the year. This way, you can get ahead and stand out from your competitors.

Unisex hair and beauty salon opens in Henley-on-Thames

A new hair and beauty salon has opened up in the South Oxfordshire town of Henley-on-Thames, headed by Bath University graduate Cassy Richardson.

Henley Nails & Brows is located between Greys Road car park and Market Place, in the building formerly occupied by milkshake bar Shake One. It is a salon offering hair, beauty, massage, waxing and tanning treatments for both women and men. The salon is also fully equipped with everything from salon chairs, facial beauty beds and manicure stations.

The salon’s décor is colourful and memorable, blending sections of patterned wallpaper with vibrant salon furniture and cool, white walls. The exterior of the salon looks extremely professional, from the shop front sign to the graphics display in the window, which showcases products and special offers but also gives clients inside some privacy.

Cassy, 23, decided to set up the salon after gaining a degree in business and economics from Bath University. She says:

“There really wasn’t anything like this in Henley,”

“I would have to travel out of town for treatments like this and then realised I could set something up to fill that need.”

“It’s quite different but is increasingly popular as people hear about it through word of mouth. But this is not just a place for women to get treatments — we also offer a range of treatments for men.”

Salon design inspiration: Cataldo’s Salon in Canberra, Australia

For budding salon owners over here in the UK, design inspiration from as far afield as Australia’s capital city can prove extremely useful. This inspiration comes from Cataldo’s Salon in Canberra, a relatively new salon with a very unique style.

A great deal of time and hard work went into designing the interiors of Cataldo’s, and many leading metal artists, architects and designers were called in to transform what was at the time an empty building. It was all worth it in the end though, as the finished effect is a salon that blends chic and sophisticated Fifth Avenue style with elegant Italian-influenced touches.

Key features of the salon’s décor include its welcoming colour scheme of chocolate brown, amber and white, highlighted by accents of copper and chrome, the sumptuously luxurious salon furniture and the bespoke reception desk emblazoned with a large letter ‘C’.

The manager of Cataldo’s, Karen Spradau, says:

“The fit-out of the new salon maintains the Cataldo tradition of style, quality, class and accessibility, which have been vital factors in strengthening our image and reputation and keeping Cataldo’s at the forefront of the industry,”

“This state-of-the-art salon offers uncompromising standards of comfort to match our professional service.”

Three simple ways to give your clients privacy in your salon

Privacy is very important to your salon’s clients, no matter whether they are getting a beauty treatment or just having their hair cut. Clients need to feel relaxed and pampered, not stressed because passers-by on the street can see them midway through a massage or a hair colour treatment.

If you don’t have the space to add private treatment rooms, there are a few simple ways you can offer your clients the privacy they need. The following methods are easy and cheap to try, but they will be much appreciated.

1. Curtains and drapes. Try putting a curtain or drape up next to facial beauty beds and backwash areas, so that they can be drawn across to shield the client from public view if desired.

2. Screens. A brilliant decorative touch, a carefully placed screen can offer privacy and add to the sophisticated, boutique feel of your salon.

3. Make use of your front window. Whilst still letting the light in and giving passers-by a glimpse of the salon, adding promotional displays and graphics can help clients to feel like the whole world isn’t staring in through the window.

Salon design inspiration: The Doves Hair Studio in California, US

The Doves Hair Studio in Santa Monica is the epitome of stylish yet laid-back glamour, perfect for a hip Californian salon close to the beach and regularly frequented by celebrity clients.

Christopher and Sonya Dove are already the creative directors for Wella Professionals USA, and now they’ve opened their own salon, The Doves Hair Studio. The pair had a very clear vision for their new venture and particularly, how it should look. Sonya Dove says:

“We wanted to create a studio that reflected our strong culture of education and style,”

Accordingly, the salon is dripping with seemingly effortless style. With fresh, crisp white walls as a backdrop, the salon boasts the occasional bold burst of colour.

Another innovative feature is the colour bar, which has five salon chairs and a great ‘beach bar’ feel fitting for a salon based so close to the coast.

The salon also makes great use of natural light and space, with a high black ceiling, suspended ‘floating’ ceiling levels, a glass wall and plenty of shimmering reflective surfaces. The finished effect is vibrant, airy and reviving, just as a hip contemporary salon space should be.

Creating the right spaces for skincare clients

If you want clients to return to your salon time and time again, you need to offer them a complete experience. More importantly, you need to get a leg up on the competition.

A number of salons stand out from the crowd by expanding the range of services they offer, including specialist beauty treatments such as an unusual kind of massage or anti-ageing facial.

However, if you want to offer something your competitors don’t, you need to ensure your salon or spa is fully equipped to give the client the best possible experience. For this, you need dedicated beauty and skincare treatment spaces.

If your salon is small or medium sized, you can divide it up into designated ‘zones’. If you choose to do this, ensure that your salon still has a nice flow (i.e. it isn’t boxed off) but that your clients get some privacy during their treatment.

If you have a larger salon, you can add some beauty treatment rooms. To create the right environment for skincare clients, you need:

• The right salon equipment, such as facial beauty beds
• Relaxing lighting that still allows your skincare therapists to work properly
• Soft music
• Comfortable furniture
• Extra touches such as aromatherapy and candles

New spa opens at Rookery Manor, Weston-super-Mare

The Rookery Manor hotel near Weston-super-Mare has officially unveiled its new spa, which was rumoured to cost around £1.2 million to complete.

The main selling point of the new Rookery Manor spa is that it is one of the first in the UK to offer pedicure treatments using Garra Rufa fish. The spa has also teamed up with TempleSpa, a naturalist skin care range only featured in four other spa facilities in the UK in addition to being sold at Harrods.

The spa offers facilities including heated wave loungers, a 50 seat hydrotherapy pool, a hot tub and two cocktail bars. The owner of the spa and the Rookery Manor hotel, Ian Clapp, is also proud to offer state-of-the-art salon equipment such as two Zero Gravity chairs in his new venture, to help people who suffer from vertigo.

Mr Clapp said:

“The spa is exactly how I envisaged, it’s sensational and brings a nice class to the area and the most exciting thing is we have TempleSpa, which only sells in Harrods.

“We designed all our signature treatments and everything has been built with care for the body and I think they bring something that no one else does.

“We have more than 2,000 bookings already.”

Beauty treatment rooms: what equipment is needed?

Most hair salons and spas these days offer private treatment rooms, where clients can enjoy a relaxing massage or a pampering beauty treatment in peace. These rooms should be carefully planned out, so as to provide the ultimate spa experience for the client.

So, what do you need for the perfect beauty treatment room? Depending of course on the treatment, you should consider getting the following:

Essential salon equipment – such as facial beauty beds, massage chairs and tables and pedicure stations. Make sure everything is fit for purpose, comfortable and easy to clean.

Relaxing touches – including soft, ambient lighting, candles (used safely), soft dressing gowns and slippers, comfortable cushions and chairs and soothing music at an appropriate volume.

Decorative features – consider including some aesthetic touches such as artwork, mirrors and fresh flowers. This will give clients something nice to look at during their treatment and generally enhance the relaxing atmosphere of the room.

Storage – you need to find an appropriate and easily accessible place to store the tools and equipment (i.e. towels and beauty supplies) needed for the treatment. Portable trolleys and carts can be useful for this.

How to design a Euro Mod beauty spa

If you’re looking to decorate a new beauty spa or simply jazz up your existing premises, you need to choose a style that is fresh and fashionable. However, you also need to choose a design that will stand the test of time and still remain stylish.

One of the top trends in hair salon and beauty spa décor at the moment is something called Euro Mod (European Modern). This style is fresh, clean and uplifting, perfect for hip young clients, fashion-conscious city dwellers and fast-paced business types.

You can create the Euro Mod style using a fresh, white background and adding accents of colour in salon furniture and feature walls. These colours should be muted and relaxing enough to make your clients feel pampered, but also crisp and clean enough to make a statement. Try shades of ruby red, green apple, lemon yellow or ice green-blue.

The key to the Euro Mod style is refined minimalism, so you mustn’t forget about the details. Make use of textured materials and rich, silky fabrics, reflective surfaces and natural floors and furniture. You can even add interest with unusual features such as glass mosaics, bespoke salon furniture pieces and artwork, but remember to maintain the clean lines and minimalist look you started with.

Exciting Bleach mini-salon opens in Topshop Oxford Street

The flagship Topshop store on London’s Oxford Street is to get a new addition this week, as the Bleach mini-salon officially opens its doors within the fashion outlet.

Bleach is an unusual kind of salon, as it is was set up specifically to cater for clients wanting outrageous colour treatments. Salon founders Alex Brownsell, 23, and Sam Teasdale, 27, are experts in multi-colouring and bleaching work and even claim to be responsible for the dip dye trend of bleaching the ends of hair a vibrant colour. This trend has been seen on celebrities including actress Drew Barrymore, singer Lady Gaga and most famously, rapper Nicki Minaj.

The colour-mad duo have now opened a mini-salon, Bleach, within the Topshop store. As the bearers of a hot new trend, this hip, celebrity-visited store seems to be the perfect place for them. It remains to be seen, however, whether this exciting new salon will boast vibrant coloured décor and salon furniture to match the vivaciousness of its work.

The Bleach Topshop salon is expected to be tremendously popular though, so dip dye hopefuls may need to be prepared for a lengthy queue.