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Salon Furniture

Buy Salon Furniture at a fraction of the RRP with Special offer Package Sales on offer from Dir Group – Dream in Reality Group.

Kitting out a new salon or re-designing your existing salon can be an expensive task during a double-dip recession. With the cost of utilities, rates and wages always on the increase, it can be hard to stay ahead of the competition and keep your salon furniture looking fresh and modern. Dir Group has come up with the answer with their package sales.  You can furnish your salon for a fraction of the RRP when you buy a salon furniture pack.

A great example is the Silenzio & Scatolina Salon furniture Pack. The Dir Silenzio backwash offers more room and extra comfort for every user. The contemporary styled chair is designed for backward and forward function for durable use and the moulded base provides extra stability. It features a fully adjustable ceramic sink unit, silicone cushioning, explosion-proof and water-saving shower.

The impressive and distinguished Dir Scatolina styling chair offers high density memory foam and durable cover combine with its solid steel base, hydraulic pump and internal metal stabilisers to create a chair that can support up to 200kg.

With this package costing just £699 it comes in at a fraction of the usual RRP, if you are wanting to try before you buy – Dir Group has showrooms in Birmingham and London, allowing you can browse the full collection on offer from Dream in Reality Group.

Dir offer a huge range of salon furniture and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website –

Salon Equipment

The salon equipment you choose when designing or refurbishing a salon is a key element to achieving the look and atmosphere you wish to portray to your clients. Poorly designed and dated looking salon equipment can give off a poor first impression to new and returning customers. Dir Group has created a stunning range of salon equipment that is both modern and functional. Dir offer salon equipment packages including salon chairs, styling units, backwash units, processors & steamers and much more.

If you are new and just starting out in the salon industry, Dir Group offer fantastic special offers on salon equipment. They have grouped together their most popular salon furniture into package sales that gives you great deals on everything you need to setup your new salon. Take a look at the Dir Groups Callisto & Bellano ranges which offers stylish and comfortable blackwash units with adjustable sinks and sculptured designer salon chairs that will make the perfect first impressions to any new clients.

Dir Group has not forgotten about those who wish to go for a more contemporary feel with their salon equipment. The Kelly & Charm styling chairs offer a timeless design bundled with a comfortable memory foam seat and adjustable hydraulic lift. These styling chairs will rise to any occasion and complement any salon interior design.

Dir offer a huge range of salon equipment and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website –

Pedicure Chairs

Pedicure chairs play a key role of the pedicure and beauty industry, which has seen a significant increase in the past 10 years. A pedicure refers to a superficial cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails; and can help prevent nail diseases and nail disorders. Pedicures are not just limited to nails; usually dead skin cells on the bottom of the feet are rubbed off and leg care below the knee is now commonly expected as part of a pedicure service.

Since 2006 the pedicure industry has seen a massive increase in popularity, with a knock on effect to the income which can be achieved. Some leading pedicure salons charging upwards of £250 per hour treatment. With this in mind, the equipment you use should be carefully considered to make sure you offer your clients the very best experience.

Pedicure chairs or pedicure stations as they are sometimes called, offer a relaxing and comfortable experience for a client to sit and enjoy having a pedicure done. Dir Group offer high quality pedicure chairs which a wide range of features including a state-of-the-art four-wheel driven muted massage systems. The roller back system which works on applying pressure to all the right spots as well as providing several different functions: shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking and synchronous kneading and flapping.

Features such as the muted massage system play a key part in the pedicure chairs experience and help to give client a complete relaxation experience. For more information on the Dir Group’s range of pedicure chairs please see the pedicure station section of the website.

Dir offer a huge range of salon equipment and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website –

Styling units & Barber chairs

Styling units are one of the most used and functional elements of any salon. Some offer basic functions such as just a mirror and styling shelf. Whereas others, such as the range from Dir Group (Dream in Reality Group), offer the design and functionality to make a bold statement within any salon. The Dir Group styling units are built with a range of materials including stainless steel, glass and even leather, with colour options available to suite most salon interiors.

The design is the most important part of the range which Dir Group offer, they are practical and ergonomically designed to make them easy to use on a day-to-day basis. Bringing a modern look to your salon doesn’t necessarily mean a full overhaul, a modern styling unit such as one of the units from Dir Group, will bring a touch of modernism to the interior of any salon. Not only do they look fantastic, but also the styling units offer features such as 13 amp plug sockets, integrated dryer holders and styling shelves to make them extremely practical.

There is a styling unit in the Dir Group range to suite most salons, from single sided to double sided styling units, the layout possibilities are endless. Freestanding styling units offer the flexibility to move and adapt your salon to a changing customer base. Whatever your styling unit needs are, offer a solution to cater for all your needs.

Choosing the correct barber chairs for your salon can be a daunting process with a number of different factors involved to get the correct chair. One of the main factors which should be considered when choosing the perfect barber chairs is the functions it allows for; does it have sufficient height adjust and a reclining back and foot rest? Your clients will be sitting in these chairs often for upwards of an hour, so making them comfy should be of paramount importance when selecting barber chairs.

Design and construction are the next factors, which should be carefully considered when choosing a barber chair. Does the design of the chair fit in with the look and feel of the rest of your salon or barber establishment? Dir Group offer a range of traditional and modern barber chairs which fit in with all type of salon styles, with a range of colours available you wont find a better range of barber chairs.

Construction of the barber chairs is a factor which is often overlooked, you should consider this carefully to make sure your clients are as comfortable as possible. Dir Group offer quality barber chair construction with high-density memory foam bases and backs; covered in a durable leather finish to allow for quick and easy cleaning. Dir Group offer a 2 year warranty on all their barber chairs so you will be safe in the knowledge that the chairs are built to last.

The final consideration on choosing the perfect Barber Chairs is price, it’s often the key factor in any salons buying. Dir Group offer a wide range of barber chairs at competitive prices to suite all budgets with special offers on salon furniture packs, see the Dir Group special offer page for more information.

Dir offer a huge range of salon equipment and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website –