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Salon Equipment & Salon Furniture

The salon equipment you choose when designing or refurbishing a salon is a key element to achieving the look and atmosphere you wish to portray to your clients. Poorly designed and dated looking salon equipment can give off a poor first impression to new and returning customers. Dir Group has created a stunning range of salon equipment that is both modern and functional. Dir offer salon equipment packages including salon chairs, styling units, backwash units, processors & steamers and much more.

If you are new and just starting out in the salon industry, Dir Group offer fantastic special offers on salon equipment. They have grouped together their most popular salon furniture into package sales that gives you great deals on everything you need to setup your new salon. Take a look at the Dir Groups Callisto & Bellano ranges which offers stylish and comfortable blackwash units with adjustable sinks and sculptured designer salon chairs that will make the perfect first impressions to any new clients.

Dir Group has not forgotten about those who wish to go for a more contemporary feel with their salon equipment. The Kelly & Charm styling chairs offer a timeless design bundled with a comfortable memory foam seat and adjustable hydraulic lift. These styling chairs will rise to any occasion and complement any salon interior design.

Buy Salon Furniture at a fraction of the RRP with Special offer Package Sales on offer from Dir Group – Dream in Reality Group.

Kitting out a new salon or re-designing your existing salon can be an expensive task during a double-dip recession. With the cost of utilities, rates and wages always on the increase, it can be hard to stay ahead of the competition and keep your salon looking fresh and modern. Dir Group has come up with the answer with their package sales.  You can furnish your salon for a fraction of the RRP when you buy a salon furniture pack.

A great example is the Silenzio & Scatolina Salon furniture Pack. The Dir Silenzio backwash offers more room and extra comfort for every user. The contemporary styled chair is designed for backward and forward function for durable use and the moulded base provides extra stability. It features a fully adjustable ceramic sink unit, silicone cushioning, explosion-proof and water-saving shower.

The impressive and distinguished Dir Scatolina styling chair offers high density memory foam and durable cover combine with its solid steel base, hydraulic pump and internal metal stabilisers to create a chair that can support up to 200kg.

With this package costing just £699 it comes in at a fraction of the usual RRP, if you are wanting to try before you buy – Dir Group has showrooms in Birmingham and London, allowing you can browse the full collection on offer from Dream in Reality Group.

Dir offer a huge range of salon furniture and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website –

The way to improve the salon business

Today’s growing salon industry has opened up new opportunity to achieve real financial independence by owning a successful salon. Indeed, more and more salon professionals are selling their salons and retiring as multi-millionaires which only happened in a few rare cases twenty years ago.

The rules of the road on the journey of salon success have changed considerably as has the definition of success in the salon industry. Yesterday’s salon owner strived to make a good living and be the star in their successful salon. Today’s salon owner is far more entrepreneurial, creative, savvy, and innovative than their predecessors. There is almost universal agreement amongst today’s young “salon-trepreneurs” that yesterday’s rules to running a salon will, at best, only lead to providing a good living. But, to achieve the kind of success that is available in today’s thriving and ever-changing salon industry, salon owners have to master this new set of rule – Image of the Salon.

We have all heard it thousands of times before, a salon is all about image. For today’s modern salon, nothing could be further from the truth. To build the Image of the Salon, the design of the salon furniture is the first image to building client affinity. The fine made Luxury salon furniture from DIR can be the great option to be part of your salon image to provide luxury service, increase the image of the salon and customer loyalty to boost your business.

Reception Desks

The reception desk used in any business is not often looked at as important, when in reality it is, it can show that your salon is organised and means business. This is because you normally place it in the main entrance, and therefore the reception desk is one of the first pieces of furniture anyone sees when walking in through your door. This can lead to a good or bad impression of your salon from just a moments glance.

Dir Group (Dream in Reality Group) can provide a range of different reception desks for your salon, ranging in colour, the material they are made from, and if they have an illuminated panel at the front. One of the reception desks which can cover all of the above is the Dir Jade, it can add fresh style to your salon with a contemporary design which features a striking black wood finish and a subtle illuminated glass front panel, which brings a welcoming glow to your reception area. The colour options for the front panel is either black ash or white.

One of the Dir Group‘s best selling reception desk is the Dir Orsacchiotto, it is a trendy desk, which brings a real focal point to any salon, and it has display space on the front. It also has a spilt-level feature with glass covered working surface and display area. It offers practicality and impact, as well as being easy to assemble.

All of the Dir Group’s reception desks cost under £500, cost isn’t everything when it comes to buying a reception desk. As the Dir Satellite contains many of the same features as the Dir Star Ferry, but is currently on a special offer and is available at a discounted price.

Dir Group (Dream in Reality Group) has showrooms in Birmingham and London which are open to the public, and have more designs available in the showroom. For more information on the range of reception desks available from Dir Group please visit the Reception Desks section of the Dir website.

Dir offer a huge range of salon furniture and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website –

Salon Wash Units

Salon Wash Units or backwash units are a key element of any hairdressing salon. Not only are they one of the most used items in any salon, but also they are often the most prominent appliances on display when a client walks through the door of your salon. With this in mind, the Salon wash units on display in your salon should be aesthetically pleasing and not a monstrosity of mismatched furniture which has been thrown in a dark corner.

Dir Group offer a unique range of contemporary styled salon wash units which have gone through extensive testing to make them some of the best available on the market. All Dir Groups salon wash units are ergonomically designed to make the client as comfortable as possible during the washing process.

One of the best salon wash units Dir Group have to offer is the Bella II. The DIR Bella II backwash is the latest and most sophisticated unit Dir have in its product range, featuring an elegant style with high-grade faux leather and high-density memory foam. Dir Group have taken the back massage function and upgraded to the seat along with the footrest, offering a full body massage whilst your hair is washed. Providing the most comfort and luxury experience ever offered from Dir’s line of Backwash Units, Bella II is sure to impress all customers. Metal brackets in the base giving more stability. Bella II comes with all standard fully adjustable ceramic sink, silicone neck cushion and explosion-proof & water saving shower spray system. This makes the Bella II one of the most advanced salon wash units on the market.

Dir offer a huge range of salon furniture and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website –

Facial Equipment

Professional facial equipment is often overlooked in many salons today; making do with old equipment or standard salon furniture is often the norm for some salons. This shouldn’t be the case with the range of facial equipment which is currently available on the market. Ranging from facial beauty beds to styling beauty chairs, a vast range of styles and features are available to cater for any salons needs.

Dir Group (Dream in Reality Group) offer one of the best ranges available to buy today. With packages to suit any new or existing salon, it can cost far less than you would think to update your facial equipment and give your customers the relaxation and comfort they desire.

One of the Dir Groups best selling facial beauty beds is the Mar Egeo. The Dir Mar Egeo is easy to work with and comfortable to use. Remote controlled height offers easy operation for you and a pleasure for your clients. Removable headrest to expose 6” face hole for facing down treatments or massage bed conversion. This beauty bed is available in different colour choices and is available to order today.

The Valencia beauty bed from Dir Group is one of the best available on the market. The Valencia is designed to provide a modern and stylish approach with various reclining and height options, The Valencia enables maximum comfort for the client and customer.

For more information on the range of facial equipment available from Dir Group please visit the Facial Beauty Beds section of the Dir website.

Dir offer a huge range of salon furniture and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website –