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Choosing the correct Salon Furniture

The furniture that you use in your salon is an important part of your business that is often overlooked by many business owners. There are a number of important factors that you have to take into consideration when choosing the correct salon furniture for your premises.

The first point, which some would categorise as the most important, is the design. Does the design of the salon furniture match the décor and atmosphere of your salon? Is your salon in a modern and cosmopolitan city centre, which requires a stylish and bespoke looking collection of furniture? These are the type of questions you should be asking yourself as a business owner when selecting the correct salon furniture. This will allow you to select the best, most contemporary looking furniture for your salon.

The second factor to consider is the shape and size of the furniture you are selecting. You need to work within the constraints of the space you have available, to best maximise the square footage you have. You should take into consideration how many members of staff you have, if you have 5 members of staff, you may not want more than 6 or 7 work stations. Instead, contemplate expanding your customer waiting area, offering display shelves, waiting chairs and a functional reception desk. After all, this is generally the area that a client will see first when they enter your salon.

The third and final factors that you should consider are the ergonomics of the salon furniture you are choosing. Your clients will be sitting on a salon chair or beauty bed for a number of hours, so they must not cause any discomfort to the client or you may loose their repeat custom. Make sure you select comfy, yet practical salon furniture.

Dir Group offer a wide range of salon furniture, all available to order online through their website or from their London and Birmingham showrooms.

Salon Equipment – Don’t be a statistic

A scary statistic, which was quoted this year, was that 58% of new salons fail within the first 12 months. There are numerous reasons for this; poor management, inadequate advertising and increasing overhead are to name but a few. One of the main points which has been highlighted by customers of failing salons, is the décor of the salon. Often new salons don’t have the capital to buy new furniture so go for second-hand salon equipment instead. This can be false economy, often costing as much as new equipment and lasting for a fraction of the time.

Dir Group offer a wide range of salon equipment ranging from waiting chairs to beauty beds. All items are brand new and come with a comprehensive 12-month warranty, which is extendable for an extra free. This not only offers great piece of mind when buying your salon equipment but also gives a great impression for your new customers.

You should always look at things in the eyes of your customer, when they enter your salon for the first time, they are not only making their mind up on your service you offer but also the décor of your salon, would you want to come back to a salon which has dated décor and worn, second hand furniture? More often than not the answer to that question is no.

Take a look at the Dir Group website which has a comprehensive range of salon equipment which is all available to order online. If you prefer to see and test the furniture, we have showrooms in Birmingham and London, which you can call in and test out complete range. You can also buy in-store and arrange delivery to best suit your schedule. For more information on the Dir Group product range please go to

Reception desks – don’t make the right impression

The number of salons that are making the incorrect first impression because of their reception desks is astonishing. When a client enters your salon for the first time they are often greeted by a friendly member of staff, imagine how that looks if your member of staff is stood behind a computer desk or dated reception desk. It’s defiantly not the correct first impression you want to give off about your salon.

Choosing a stylish and modern reception desk can portray your business the correct light, giving clients the glowing first impression you deserve. Dir Group offer a wide range of stunning reception desks that offer a contemporary focal point, matched with a solid work surface for your staff to use for a computer or appointment book. The entire Dir Group reception desks range offer cleverly designed storage space to allow all your business correspondence to be neatly filed away from clients.

Take for example, the Acquario reception desk; it has a contemporary focal point with illuminating glass panel that is ideal for applying your salon logo to. The Acquario offers a slide-away keyboard draw and ample storage for a computer or till system that is kept hidden from customers. This gives off an extremely professional look and allows you to organise your salon from a single focal point. With the Acquario starting at just £349.00, it is an ideal choice for a modern and stylish salon.

Dir Group has a wide range of salon equipment which is available to view and buy online through the Dir Group website at If you prefer to visit one of our UK showrooms in Birmingham or London, we can show you our entire range of salon equipment and arrange delivery throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

Salon Chairs – Traditional and Modern

The most important piece of furniture in a salon will be without doubt, the salon chairs. Making sure you have the correct salon chair for your salon can be a daunting task with so many variations out there. There are many things that you should take into consideration when selecting a salon chain. Comport and designs are probably two of the most important factors when choosing a salon chair.

The design should obviously compliment the décor of your salon. The salon chairs are often a feature of a salons interior so making sure you select the correct type should be of paramount importance. Dir Group has a wide range of salon chairs, from modern to classic designs. A great example of a stylish, sculptured Victorian styling chair is the Dir Aro. It’s constructed from high-density memory foam with a durable covering that can support up to 200kg; this is thanks to a solid hydraulic base and internal metal stabiliser. This allows you to adjust the height of the chair to best suit your working height. This chair comes in black and has an optional 5-year pump warranty, which is a great option to add in.

A modern choice would be the Anodic which when comfort and style is paramount the Dir Anodic rises to the occasion. The comport is provided by its covering of high density memory foam, while its solid base and hydraulic pump allows for support of up to 200kg, making it the perfect choice as a salon chair or backwash chair.

For more information on the complete Dir Group range, please visit the Dir Group website at If you would prefer to visit one of our UK showrooms in London or Birmingham, we will be happy to show you around and help you choose the best salon chairs for your business.