Unless you have the time to visit a load of other salons for a comparison, it can be difficult to tell whether your salon’s style is up to date or not. However, some salons and spas are desperately crying out for a makeover; you just need to be able to spot the signs.
You know your salon needs a makeover if:
1.    There’s no room on the reception desk. Your business may have progressed, but your salon furniture hasn’t grown with it and can no longer keep up. Invest in a larger contemporary reception desk up to the task at hand.

2.    The equipment doesn’t work properly. Replacing the salon furniture and equipment isn’t just for aesthetic reasons; it affects the day-to-day running of your business.

3.    Your salon’s mirrors no longer flatter your customers. If your mirrors have gone dusty, streaky and make your customers look ghostly, it may be time to get new mirrors with some glamorous modern lighting.

4.    The colours are dull. If the colour scheme in your salon is not as bright and inspiring as it used to be, reinvigorate the space with crisp whites, sleek, glossy blacks or splashes of cutting-edge colour.