The first step to kitting out a new salon is to choose a style theme, followed closely by the purchase of new salon furniture and equipment. The next step, however, is the essential part. No matter how beautiful and well-chosen the furniture is, the entire effect will be ruined by bad lighting.

The perfect lighting arrangement for salons is one that creates a welcoming ambience and a feeling of chic professionalism. More importantly, you want lighting that makes your clients look good as well as the salon. Customers will be less than impressed if they ask for radiant blonde or intense red and the mirror tells them they’ve ended up with drab and dull.

Salon lighting tips

1. Remember that good lighting can improve clients’ mood and boost your salon’s reputation

2. It is no good having the very best furnishings and interior finishes if they are not flatteringly lit

3. Experiment with different sources of lighting at varying heights to find the best effect

4. Lighting is a great way to enhance the appearance of your salon without spending a fortune

5. Use true colour lighting overhead for stylist and technician use and warmer, more flattering light at client’s eye-level in front of salon chairs.