The minimalist style is very popular in modern salons, mainly because it so suits the nature of the business. The clean lines transform cluttered chaos into ordered, efficient operations, whilst the neutral colours promote relaxation and convey freshness and well-being.

The only problem with modern, minimalist décor is that it can easily become cold, clinical and if not executed properly. This is a particular problem for larger salons, as it makes the space seem vast and unfriendly. This can be off-putting to clients, who may instead prefer to visit a cosy, comfortable salon space.

Getting it right

To achieve a successful minimalist look, you must know how to balance comfort and style, vibrant and neutral colour schemes. The following tips should prove useful:

Add touches of colour against a neutral background, but be careful not to make too stark a contrast as this can make the look too stylised. Small details like vases of flowers, colourful salon furniture such as waiting benches and footstools, and attractive artwork can make all the difference.

Lighting is incredibly important. Make use of natural light wherever possible, and introduce a soft, ambient lighting scheme in waiting areas and treatment rooms.

Natural materials such as wood flooring will always help to soften a minimalist look