If you’re looking to decorate a new beauty spa or simply jazz up your existing premises, you need to choose a style that is fresh and fashionable. However, you also need to choose a design that will stand the test of time and still remain stylish.

One of the top trends in hair salon and beauty spa décor at the moment is something called Euro Mod (European Modern). This style is fresh, clean and uplifting, perfect for hip young clients, fashion-conscious city dwellers and fast-paced business types.

You can create the Euro Mod style using a fresh, white background and adding accents of colour in salon furniture and feature walls. These colours should be muted and relaxing enough to make your clients feel pampered, but also crisp and clean enough to make a statement. Try shades of ruby red, green apple, lemon yellow or ice green-blue.

The key to the Euro Mod style is refined minimalism, so you mustn’t forget about the details. Make use of textured materials and rich, silky fabrics, reflective surfaces and natural floors and furniture. You can even add interest with unusual features such as glass mosaics, bespoke salon furniture pieces and artwork, but remember to maintain the clean lines and minimalist look you started with.