Buying the correct equipment for a salon is a largely overlooked process when it comes to fitting-out a new salon. With the salon and beauty sectors been more competitive than ever, it’s important to attract new customers and then keep then returning for regular appointments. One very important way to do this is through carefully selecting the correct equipment for your salon to give off a unique and professional appearance.

Manicure tables are one of the things that you may have overlooked when sourcing equipment for your salon. These are extremely important items if you are offering manicures to your clients and wish to offer the best possible service. Manicure tables offer a tailor made solutions which makes the whole experience of having a manicure much more enjoyable. Most manicure tables have an extraction system which allows the unpleasant fumes from the chemicals used, to be safely taken away from your client, making it a much more pleasant experience.

Dir Group offer a wide range of manicure tables and stations that offer great features and design. The Eleganza manicure station offers a contemporary Black wood and a Green glass design and incorporates ample storage, air filter, extractor and lockable easy-glide rug roller wheels. Built to our solid construction, this station offers great style and ease of use. Easy Self Assemble. To see more about this product go to:

For more information on the complete Dir Group range, please visit the Dir Group website at If you would prefer to visit one of our UK showrooms in London or Birmingham, we will be happy to show you around and help you choose the best salon chairs for your business. All our equipment is available for delivery in UK, Europe and Rest of the World.