Choosing the perfect Barber Chair

Choosing the correct barber chairs for your salon can be a daunting process with a number of different factors involved to get the correct chair. One of the main factors which should be considered when choosing the perfect barber chairs is the functions it allows for; does it have sufficient height adjust and a reclining back and foot rest? Your clients will be sitting in these chairs often for upwards of an hour, so making them comfy should be of paramount importance when selecting barber chairs.

Design and construction are the next factors, which should be carefully considered when choosing a barber chair. Does the design of the chair fit in with the look and feel of the rest of your salon or barber establishment? Dir Group offer a range of traditional and modern barber chairs which fit in with all type of salon styles, with a range of colours available you wont find a better range of barber chairs.

Construction of the barber chairs is a factor which is often overlooked, you should consider this carefully to make sure your clients are as comfortable as possible. Dir Group offer quality barber chair construction with high-density memory foam bases and backs; covered in a durable leather finish to allow for quick and easy cleaning. Dir Group offer a 2 year warranty on all their barber chairs so you will be safe in the knowledge that the chairs are built to last.

The final consideration on choosing the perfect Barber Chairs is price, it’s often the key factor in any salons buying. Dir Group offer a wide range of barber chairs at competitive prices to suite all budgets with special offers on salon furniture packs, see the Dir Group special offer page for more information.

Dir offer a huge range of salon equipment and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website –

Facial equipment which stands out from the crowd

Beauty is one of the few things that everyone desires to attain. Men and women alike have no reservation is spending hundreds, if not thousands of pounds a year to make themselves look beautiful. This is often an ideal chance for beauty service suppliers such as hair salons, beauticians and therapists to grow their business by offering services with specialised facial equipment. Beauty services are available far and wide but it’s more often than not the businesses that use professional salon and facial equipment which grow at a faster pace. Making do with second hand, worn facial equipment can often portray your business is the same light. Dir Group (Dream in Reality Group) offers a range of facial equipment to suite most facial and beauty applications.

Comfort is the first aspect of facial equipment, which should be considered, as a comfy client is a happy client. Take Dir Group’s range of facial beauty beds for example, they are ergonomically designed to support the user and make them as comfortable as possible with great adjustable features to make it easy for the beautician or therapist to work with the client.

Design is next aspect which should be considered when choosing facial equipment, standing out from the crowd and making a bold statement can attract more customers and keep them returning in future. Dir Group offer a wide range of facial equipment with modern designs and colours available, you can make the equipment blend into the background of your salon or attract the eye with a bright and bold colour.

Dir offer a huge range of facial equipment and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s facial equipment ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website –

Choosing the best Salon wash unit

Typically choosing the best salon wash unit is the process of finding the most comfortable and functional pieces for the best price. This means ensuring that customers will be happy sitting in the unit and stylists will be able to perform their job with ease. A salon wash unit can be among the most important pieces of equipment in a salon. Dir offer a wide range of salon wash units available for delivery all over the world.

Customer comfort is an important consideration when shopping for a salon wash unit. The unit seat should have sufficient padding, with sturdy armrests and a seat that is wide enough to accommodate different body types. Dir Group’s salon wash unit comes in a range of different sizes, colours and shapes, with a host a features allowing the salon to provide a quality salon wash services to all its clients.

Design and functionality is another key factor to consider when choosing salon wash units. The sink and chair should be a good fit for the space available in the salon. Dir offer a wide range of different styles and sizes, offering both modern and contemporary designs to fit in with most salon interiors. The design of the Dir salon wash units is key without compromising the needs of the customer.

Dir offer a huge range of salon equipment and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s salon equipment ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website.

Selecting a Manicure Table

In a nail salon a manicure table can be one of the larger equipment purchases made to operate the business. Depending on the size of the salon and how many nail technicians will be working there, multiple tables may need to be purchased. Whether buying one or several, there are a few things to consider before committing to the purchase.

New manicure tables can be purchased from Dir Group. If you need to purchase more than one manicure table and continuity is important in your aesthetic design as it should be, keep in mind you aren’t likely to find used manicure tables which match so the best option is Dir, who offer a range of new manicure stations, available in different colour options and in any amounts.

If you are purchasing a manicure table for employees, keep in mind that you may need flexibility in the design of the table to accommodate their varying working preferences. For instance, if you have a left-handed manicurist, they may prefer a table with implement storage to the left rather than the right. Also consider your customers and make sure you buy a table – and subsequently chair – that will comfortably seat all sizes of patrons. Dir Group offer a range of manicure stations with features and chairs to match any salon interior.

Comparing the design and style of several tables from Dir is easy, with a simple and modern website which offers multiple images and options, its straightforward to find the manicure table you need. Also keep in mind that you may need additional equipment or accessories, such as storage, retail displays, and chairs. Dir offer a huge range of salon equipment and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s salon equipment ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website.

What does a Pedicure Chairs do?

Pedicure chairs are built to massage a person’s back as they receive a pedicure. Typically, the chairs have many features, which helps the client relax, and confortable while they are receiving a pedicure. The upholstery on a pedicure chair can be an important item for a person to pay attention to, as people don’t want to be uncomfortable whiles sitting in a pedicure chair. Dir Group offer a range of pedicure chairs with fabric and colour options available to best suite the clients and salons needs.

Controlling the heat for the water in a pedicure chair can be an important factor, as well — a person usually cannot be expected to place his or her feet in water that is too hot or too cold. Dir’s pedicure chairs have full water temperature control as well as air massage with a variety of functions.

If you are the owner of a spa or salon you can find the best pedicure chair for your business on the Dir website. While you might not be prepared to spend a fortune on getting a salon started, the choice of a pedicure chair typically should depend on what type of business you intend to have. If you are aiming to be a luxury-oriented spa, then you might consider purchasing a chair with more features; if you are only interested in high customer turnover, then you might consider a model with fewer options – Dir have a range of pedicure stations to match your budget.

For more information on Dir Group’s salon equipment range please visit the product section of the Dir website.

Choosing the correct Salon Chairs

Choosing the correct salon chairs & hairdressing equipment is important in creating the atmosphere, look and design of your salon so it’s important to choose these items wisely

Purchasing perfectly designed, high quality, salon furniture is a good business investment for the future of your salon. Good quality, specialist-designed, purpose-built salon chairs and hairdressing furniture will not only be reliable and long-lasting, it will give your salon a stylish and professional look and feel that will attract clients and keep them coming back time and again.

Dir Group offer a range of Salon Chairs which will compliment any hairdressing salon which a choice of styles, colours and functions. You will be able to find the perfect chairs for your salon at an extremely competitive price.

When designing and putting together a new salon and selecting salon furniture there are three key sections you’ll need to focus on. These are the reception area, the styling area and the backwash area. Dir Group offer stylish and matching solutions for all these areas, for more information on Dir Group’s salon equipment range please visit the product section of the Dir website.

What’s the first thing a customer sees when they walk into a salon, apart from the smiling receptionist?

It should be a beautifully designed and elegant reception desk, which neatly hides away all the clutter, which builds up with the day-to-day running of any salon. Dir Group offer a range of modern reception desks, which offer style and function to compliment any salon. All Dir’s reception desks are built from quality materials and are available in a range of colours to best suite your salons design and atmosphere.

The Dir reception desk range has been carefully designed to bring a bespoke look to all types of salons without compromising on storage space. Maximising space is an important part of managing any salons workspace and with the Dir reception design range, they offer ample storage and filing space as well as cash draws, storage shelves and space for a till or small computer.

Dir’s reception design range isn’t limited to just salons, they have a wide range of uses from offices to shop, allowing your business to make a bold design statement which clients will remember for years to come. Not only can they be placed in a variety of applications, but a selection of reception desks could be easily customised with your company logo should you wish to do this.

For more information on Dir Group’s reception desk range please visit the product section of the Dir website.

Why Buy Salon Equipment from Dir

There are lots of reasons why you should buy salon equipment from Dir but we thought we would just list a few for you;

1. Our range of Salon Equipment is among the most stylish and modern equipment on the market with a wide range of products for any sized salon with a host of colours and sizes to best suit your salon.

2. Most of our salon equipment is available for you to view at our Birmingham or London showrooms, meaning you can browse our products with help from our friendly showroom staff.

3. You can buy our salon equipment online 24/7 with our brochure website at Our website is up-to-date with our latest product ranges and allows you to view detailed images and options for each product.

4. Secure order processing is paramount on all orders taken online, in our showrooms or over the telephone. Our website is encrypted with a 128 bit secure SSL to make sure all your personal details are kept safe and secure. As a matter of security we never record any payment details.

5. Our guarantee comes as standard on all our salon equipment, on the very rare occasion that you should have a problem with your salon equipment just call a member of the friendly Dir team who will be happy to assist you to resolve your issue in record time.

For more information on Dir Group’s salon equipment range please visit the product section of the Dir website.

How to Select the Best Salon Furniture

Selecting the best furniture for a Salon is a key part of any salon design or refit. Salon furniture always plays an important role in any salon so; selecting the best quality furniture is always a daunting task for most salon owners or designers. There are several tips you need to follow to choose the best style, colour and sizes available.

The type of salon furniture should first be decided on, depending on the amount of space available in the salon and the number of employees who will be centered around each workstation. Typically you should look to accommodate at least 4 peoples around each workstation.

The design and layout of your salon should next be taken into consideration. Choose salon furniture, which best suites the design of your salon. You can either choose salon furniture, which blends into the surrounding décor, or make a statement with your furniture, select a contrasting colour and make it a focal point of your design. Salon Furniture suppliers such as Dir Group offer a wide range of colours and styles to match most salons décor.

The customers comport is the next important point to take into consideration, customers can spend long periods of time sitting on salon furniture and they wont come back to your salon if the salon furniture they used wasn’t comfortable. Make sure you select a balance of style and comfort, Dir Group offer a range of stylish, yet comfortable backwash units, waiting chairs and salon chairs.

Finally the type of salon furniture you require should be carefully considered, you will be working with the furniture on a daily basis for a number of years, so selecting the correct ergonomic features is key to getting the best salon furniture. Features such as lift, swivel and tilt matter, as you need to make the experience of using the salon furniture easy for both you and your customers.

Dir Group offer a wide range of salon furniture which is available for delivery throughout the world. Visit or call in at one of their showrooms in London or Birmingham.

Salon design inspiration: Carley Hill Hair in Suffolk

Carley Hill Hair is located in the beautiful Suffolk market town of Framlingham, in a building with over 200 years of history as a former family grocers and an inn.

The owner of Carley Hill, Adam Snare, wanted a larger space for his salon after spending years establishing his business. He not only moved but also took on the ambitious challenge of refitting and rebranding his business all at the same time.

Working with the original features of the historic building he had moved into, Adam turned the space into an Aveda Concept Salon. The space has a cool and soothing grey and blue colour scheme, making use of plenty of natural woods, raw metals and high ceilings to create an industrial effect. This is softened by the lighting scheme, which includes well-lit merchandise displays and well placed spotlights in recessed areas.

Commenting on the design of the new-and-improved Carley Hill Hair, Adam said:

“I wanted to retain the original features while creating a modern interior with the latest décor and equipment,”

“We combined our ideas to create an interior in keeping with the Aveda concept, while incorporating Eastern influences.”