A scary statistic, which was quoted this year, was that 58% of new salons fail within the first 12 months. There are numerous reasons for this; poor management, inadequate advertising and increasing overhead are to name but a few. One of the main points which has been highlighted by customers of failing salons, is the décor of the salon. Often new salons don’t have the capital to buy new furniture so go for second-hand salon equipment instead. This can be false economy, often costing as much as new equipment and lasting for a fraction of the time.

Dir Group offer a wide range of salon equipment ranging from waiting chairs to beauty beds. All items are brand new and come with a comprehensive 12-month warranty, which is extendable for an extra free. This not only offers great piece of mind when buying your salon equipment but also gives a great impression for your new customers.

You should always look at things in the eyes of your customer, when they enter your salon for the first time, they are not only making their mind up on your service you offer but also the décor of your salon, would you want to come back to a salon which has dated décor and worn, second hand furniture? More often than not the answer to that question is no.

Take a look at the Dir Group website which has a comprehensive range of salon equipment which is all available to order online. If you prefer to see and test the furniture, we have showrooms in Birmingham and London, which you can call in and test out complete range. You can also buy in-store and arrange delivery to best suit your schedule. For more information on the Dir Group product range please go to www.dirgroup.co.uk