Salon wash units are one of the most commonly used items in a hairdressing salon, but does yours do your business justice? This is a question we have been asking for some time now and the answer has most commonly been, No! The salon wash units are used by almost every customer who passes through a salon, so making sure yours is the correct one for you and your customers is an important consideration when specify the unit you require. There are key factors which you should consider including its ergonomic features, materials used, build quality and most importantly its design. All these points should be taken into consideration when choosing the correct wash unit for your salon.

Dir Group offer a range of salon wash units which tick all the boxes, with a mixture of modern and contemporary designs, excellent build quality and stacks of features which will help your salon perform for its clients.

A great example of a modern backwash unit is the Dir Beckman backwash, which offers more room and extra comfort for every user. The contemporary styled chair is finished in high-grade faux leather and high-density memory foam for durable use and the moulded base provides extra stability. It features a fully adjustable ceramic sink unit, silicone cushioning, explosion-proof and water-saving shower. This is an ideal choice for any modern salon.

A more contemporary option would be the Dir Accendini that is a stylish and comfortable backwash that has an adjustable sink with adjustable backward and forward seat. The silicone neck rest, explosion-proof and water-saving shower compliment the unit. The chair is finished in high-grade faux leather and high-density memory foam for durable use and the moulded fiberglass base provides extra stability. This is an ideal option for anyone wishing to upgrade their current salon wash units.

For more information on the complete Dir Group range, please visit the Dir Group website at If you would prefer to visit one of our UK showrooms in London or Birmingham, we will be happy to show you around and help you choose the best salon chairs for your business. All our equipment is available for delivery in UK, Europe and Rest of the World.