Choosing the best salon furniture for your space isn’t always as easy as picking out a colour, style or fabric that takes your fancy. You have to consider a number of different options in order to end up with the perfect to delight clients and make work easier for your staff.


You should buy your salon furniture according to:

• Your budget

This is not only how much money you have to spend overall, but how much you can realistically afford to set aside for salon furniture. It’s no good splashing out on luxury chaise longues when the whole salon needs rewiring.

• The shape and size of your salon

Salon furniture, if well-chosen and wisely placed, has the ability to maximise the appearance of even the smallest spaces. If you are worried about your salon appearing too cavernous and empty-looking, the right pieces of salon furniture can help you there as well.

• The feel you want to create in your salon

The furniture you choose needs to fit well with both the colour and the style theme of the salon. For example, if your chosen look is ‘cosy boutique’, your furniture needs to be elegant yet comfortable. A piece that doesn’t fit in with the theme will stick out a mile to clients, undermining your salon’s identity entirely.

See pt.2 of this guide for more considerations when choosing salon furniture.