Dir Massage Chair
When setting up or refurbishing your salon, getting the very best equipment should be a top priority. No matter how much you spend on comfortable waiting areas or fancy mirrors, you should always set enough money aside to purchase top quality, fit-for-purpose salon equipment.
Choosing the right massage chairs for your salon can be the trickiest of them all, as they need to be highly functional and comfortable in order to deliver the most effective, customer-pleasing treatment.
The following is a list of specifications you should be looking for in your ideal automatic massage chair:
•    Heat – This is vital for helping the muscles to fully relax, so look for a massage chair that uses the latest technology to heat the backrest.
•    Air pressure massage – Using small airbags, this technology compresses the muscles in the back and lower body in a very relaxing manner. This is found in a number of the very latest chairs.
•    Vibration – This is an essential feature for all-over, shallow massage. You ideally want a vibration for the seat and feet.
•    Automated programmes
•    Cleanliness – Leather chairs are not only the most comfortable and stylish-looking, they are also much easier to clean between customers.
•    Extras – Built in mp3 players and TV screens are always a pleasing addition for customers.